Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Party

Parties sure are full of fun. It is the best way to let new friends enter our lives, catch up with old ones, or entertaining family without having to be stuck in boring formal dinners. However, when you are in the organizing end of the party, it may not be that fun, when your to-do list is actually longer than the guest list, especially if you are throwing the party on a budget, and you can’t have a maid each, running around wiping spilt drinks behind every guest. The following tips may help.

Plan every step, but be flexible

Plan each and every bit of the party from what to serve your guest and where to serve them to what you will serve them in. This step, will surely declutter your mind. Have a plan B whenever you can. If the fries you ordered are stale, have a quick alternative in place. If a kid runs around breaking your juice dispenser, have a plan B for that too, so that you don’t panic and embarrass yourself in front of guests.

Hire a venue

If you have a little bit of extra money, try to hire a place to host your party at, because then, at the end of the day, you have a clean, mess fee home to look forward going to. Usually such venues offer additional services such as cleaning services Dubai, to make you job a whole lot easier.

Disposable all the way

From plates to cups to napkins, use the kid that you can afford to throw of after use, without having to clean them, wiping them and storing them. That is half you cleaning already done. However, it will be a good move to be mindful of the environment to use paper cups and plates over plastic ones.

Minimal decorations

If you have the right kind of music and lights to suit the crowd, that is all the embellishments that a party needs. If you really do feel the need to have some decorative items, make sure you have a few big items that are sufficient to give the place the decorated look you are after, rather than millions of tiny pieces floating around. If they are things that you can re-use or things you can happily give away to guests that will be the ideal situation. Other disposable decoration will just add a few hours to the cleaning schedule.

Get help

Get as much help as you can. Hire a few full time maids in Dubai to help you from dawn to dusk of the party. If a few guests are willing to stay back to help make sure everything is okay at the end of the party, let them, unless they will start a party on their own after yours ends.

Remember that the objective if your party is to help people reconnect and wind down, putting behind the sorrows and stresses of life. This is not only for your guests, but especially for you too. Keep that in mind. Pick up a drink and enjoy.